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Growing up, I always knew my path would be a creative one. Whether I was drawing something silly, repurposing my mom's vintage clothes into purses, or writing my own fairy tales, I could see my life would be steeped in art. After working in the web design field for a couple years, I decided to make a career of it, and went back to school to develop my skills and become the best designer I could be.

My five years experience in a client driven, deadline heavy web firm and my strong background in customer service have combined to create a web designer who knows how to get projects out the door on time and in the right shape. Experience working in a small business environment has given me the ability to wear any hat necessary to complete the task at hand. I can bring that small business attitude to your project.

Whether you are looking for a new website to promote your store, a professional headshot to stand out on your blog, or a plan to turn your social media pages into a conversation between your clients and you, I'm your gal. I will listen to your needs, and customize a plan to turn those needs into results. I can help you photograph the big event, promote the latest post, or carve out your business identity on and off the web.

So what's next? Contact me so we can put this plan in action! You can email me at, check out my Facebook page or Twitter feed, or fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Take a look at my portfolio, and let me know how I can check your needs off of your to do list.



Environmental portrait of Coin Collector Open


Senior Lifestyle Responsive Website Open


Portrait of Child in Autumn Open


Environmental Portrait, Beelistic Tattoo, Cincinnati, Ohio Open


The Fox and the Fireflies parallax scrolling website featuring the art of Geri Shields Open


Mechanics Bank Vintage Grand Prix Mid Ohio Sports Car Course Open


Headshot for Journalist Open


Branding Package and Website for Candydrop Photography Open


Image Production for Open

Vintage Inspired with Modern Results


Which Social Network Are You?
Social Media

I just took a quiz on which social network I am, and no surprise - I'm Tumblr. Here are my results:

You're Tumblr! You are a unique personality who has a wide variety of eclectic interests. You have a great sense of humor, and your loved ones enjoy having you around because they know you're always good for a laugh! Though you care deeply about your friends and family, you are private about certain things and you like spending time by yourself. As an introvert, it's important for you to recharge after social situations. But that doesn't mean you're a shut-in; you still love to go out and have a good time with your friends! 35.5% of people that have taken this quiz have achieved this result.

Find out which network you are on!
Social Media For Business
Social Media
Who doesn't love an infographic? Especially one that helps your business!
Parallax In Space
The Nasa Prospect site is most likely my favorite website at the moment! It's a great example of parallax scrolling used for story telling as well as visual interest. And who are we kidding, a website that features an astronaut and a robot? I'm in! Check it out!
  • When I was facing enormous medical bills from brain surgery, Alexis single handedly threw a benefit for me. She planned an amazing event & I will be forever grateful.
    Erica Matzko
    Erica Matzko,benefit for erica
  • Lexi is creative, multi-talented and passionate about her work. She has a love of life and an innate joy that permeates everything she touches.
    Diana Hadden
    Diana Hadden,viewsource
  • If you have the pleasure of working with Alexis you can expect consummate professionalism and outstanding creativity. She is a problem solver's problem solver.
    Sam Laudner
    Sam Laudner,writer/director
  • Alexis is the sort of student that allows me to believe in the future and upon whom I would gladly stake the reputation of my department.
    H. Michael Sanders
    H. Michael Sanders,UCBA Professor &
    Department Chair


What's the next step? That's easy - contact me! We will work together to figure out exactly what your website should do for you or your business. Then we will focus on the look and feel. I will design your site for you, and once approved, it will be built and tested. I will send it to you for review and final approval, and once everything looks right, we will launch the site! I test it again to make sure everything is perfect, and then it is all yours! So let's get started!