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The First Step of a Rebrand – Listening

Even though branding is important to every business, it’s often hard for them define what that brand is. It’s easy to focus on the logo or the color palette, but there is so much more to a company’s brand. It is in their image, the shorthand used to communicate to their customers, the promise they make every day with their products or services.

A rebrand is a process. It’s an opportunity to define exactly who your brand is – what is the brand personalty? voice? writing style? There are important steps to get to these definitions, and the first step is the most important – listening.

A five phase timeline for a branding process

By listening I learn the most important things – what does the company leadership think our brand is and what do our customers think? Without this step we are simply picking color swatches at random without thinking about our goals, our customers’ needs, and how we can communicate our services to them.

For this brand refresh at Groups Recover Together, I held focus groups to build this foundation. Here is an infographic I created to share the focus group results:

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