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Hi! I'm Lexi!

As a creative professional for over 13 years, I get to do what I love every day – create beautiful art, design, and creative solutions. How can I empower your brand and design?


Creating and defining brand goes well beyond a logo and color scheme. I can help you find your brand’s voice.


Mobile-first web design, marketing strategy and implementation, and designing for today’s audiences and platforms.

Personal Projects

Come see my artistic endeavors from watercolor paintings, bookbinding, photo sets & concepts, and more.
"Lexi was fantastic to work with and for. She is a brilliant designer who produced beautiful well thought out mockups... not just for beauty but understood the marketing behind the design. I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project with Lexi."
Jessica Rhoades
SEO Strategist and WordPress Developer
"Lexi is a creative strategist who approaches every new project with thoughtfulness and curiosity. She gets to the heart of the challenge or task at hand by asking the right questions and considering the audience and end goal before diving into a solution."​
Emily Kate Pope
Marketing Leader, Behavioral Health
"Lexi was a driving force in our team's success. Her ability to inspire and motivate her colleagues was amazing. She led by example, always working to be as collaborative as possible and fostering an inclusive work environment."​
Julia Prevost
Senior Digital Marketing Manager

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My story

about the designer

As a graphic designer and marketer for over 13 years, I get paid every day to do what I love – create beautiful art, design, and creative solutions. I am curios by nature, and love learning something new, which helps me stay fresh and current in an exciting industry that never stands still. My greatest professional joy is knowing that effective visual communications, branding, and design can help make the world better, bit by bit, every single day!

When I’m not at my desk you can find me traveling, jumping into swimming holes, collecting very old jewelry, and chasing down every adventure this life has to offer. I can’t wait to see what the next adventure holds!

Alexis at Haus of Sequins